Amber Lee McMartin

Popular kid, age 13


Pretty, wears designer clothes

Body: 3
Tech: 2
Heart: 4
Mind: 4

Sneak: 1
Tinker: 1
Contact: 2
Charm: 2
Lead: 1
Investigate: 2
Comprehend: 1


Iconic Item: Credit Card
Favorite song: Mickey by Toni Basil

Drive: Escaping popularity (it’s so difficult to be so popular)
Problem: Absentee parents
Pride: I know juicy gossip
Anchor: Tammy (best friend, age 16)

  • Brad is first boyfriend/current friend
  • Jimmy Jon plays football with Brad
  • Debra is a family housekeeper
  • Francine is a middle-aged, well-off neighbor that’s possibly dating a spy
  • A mall security guard is suspicious of everyone and some are suspicious of him


  • An only child
  • Howard (dad) is a lawyer and got a new case that’s making him stay away practically all the time
  • Gene (mom) is a philanthropist in general and frequents the country club
  • Sushi is a favorite food
  • Bedroom has a lot of posters, a vanity desk with a mirror and all her stuff, and a window that extends outside with a place to sit and watch out the window

Amber Lee McMartin

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