Brad Jacobson

Jock, age 12


Tall and large frame, sports jersey

Body: 4
Tech: 2
Heart: 4
Mind: 2

Sneak: 1
Force: 2
Move: 2
Tinker: 1
Contact: 2
Lead: 1
Investigate: 1


Iconic Item: BMX Bike
Favorite song: Fame by David Bowie

Drive: Didly-do-right
Problem: I can’t read very well and must attend special classes
Pride: Nobody calls me chicken!
Anchor: Coach

  • Amber Lee is a childhood neighbor and friend
  • Jimmy Jon‘s mom and my mom work at Patty’s Diner
  • Karen Richards is a new police officer that rented a boat to investigate something
  • Olivia Martinez is a scientist asked his coach if they can take part in a medical experiment


  • A little sister Shelly, 7 years old
  • Love sports for the competition, teamwork, and thrill of winning
  • Football is a favorite sport
  • Have dreams about becoming a professional football player and strange nightmares about skinned, mechanical monsters coming out of the lake
  • Want to be a firefighter like my dad when I grows up
  • Fascinated by fire (pyromaniac)
  • Don’t trust that robots are ever turned off

Brad Jacobson

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