Jimmy Jon Jeffries

Hick, age 12


Messy wavy blonde hair, worn overalls, nice boots, charming smile, freckles

Body: 4
Tech: 3
Heart: 3
Mind: 2

Sneak: 1
Force: 2
Move: 2
Tinker: 2
Charm: 1
Lead: 1
Investigate: 1


Iconic Item: duct tape
Favorite song: Tom Sawyer by Rush

Drive: They need me
Problem: Dad left or is missing
Pride: I help other people
Anchor: Mamma

A sweet underground fort in the barn with an oil lamp and snacks. The tree behind the barn has a hole for storing notes.


  • Really enjoys shop but the rest of school just doesn’t seem practical
  • He’s on the football team, but mom can’t make it to games because she’s always working
  • Mean people make him angry
  • Pride is a compensation for his father not being in his life, and he feels good helping people
  • Older brother named Jason is 18 years old who is convinced that dad abandoned the family. Jason works at a local auto mechanics shop (Dale’s Autobody),drives a cruddy dirt bike, and sometimes stays at home and couch surfs

Jimmy Jon Jeffries

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